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    Belleview Lady Panthers Basketball roster        

    2021 Roster

    Aaliyah Armbrister

    Briasia Hubbard

    Jenelle Johnson

    Aaliyah Grant

    Aniya Finn

    Addison Mathews

    Briyanna Miles

    Adrianna Sosa

    Gabrielle Johnson

    Aaliyah Finn

    Serenity Trapp

    Lillian Lepoint

    Tia Hope



    Hello, my name is Coach Luther.  I am very pleased to have your child this year for Physical Education.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me or email me.  I prefer email, it is the fastest way to communicate.  You can reach me at or call the school at 352-671-6235.   extension 55102


    the following link will give you directions how to access your grades

    Checking grades in skyward

    Students’ grades will be determined by the following:

    1. quizzes  or classwork                                           20%                                        
    2. participation in class                                            50%
    3. assessments or tests                                            30%                                        


     COVID-19 implications on PE

    • Masks will be required when inside the gym or bathroom, only an adult can tell a student he or she can remove their masks when inside the gym or when social distancing is possible.
    • When participating in activities that raise the heart rate, masks are not required.  When students are outside and can socially distance it may be appropriate to remove the mask.  Students not elevating their heart rates like walking or doing activities that don't raise the heart rate will still be required to wear a mask even when outside.
    • Students should bring their own water bottles to PE labeled with their names on them, students are encouraged to use water fountains only as a filling station

    Appropriate Dress for PE

    Students will not dress out because of COVID-19.  To participate students should we wearing proper attire and have sneakers for their feet.  Students not wearing sneakers will not be able to participate, therefore affecting their participation grade. 

    No boots, flip flops, slides, or dress shoes


    Expectations for distance learning if it occurs for everyone

    All students are expected to participate in distance learning, the expectation is you complete all assignments

    All students are expected to use school email in a proffesional manner, meaning if it's not supposed to be said at school, it's not supposed to be said on email or Microsoft Teams

    All students are expected to use the appropriate learning platform (Microsoft teams) to complete assignments

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