Coach Luther Belleview Middle School


    Hello, my name is Coach Luther.  I am very pleased to have your child this year for Physical Education.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me or email me.  I prefer email, it is the fastest way to communicate.  You can reach me at or call the school at 352-671-6235.   extension 55102


    the following link will give you directions how to access your grades

    Checking grades in skyward


    The following assignment is due May 29th, completed and emailed back to me

    end of year assignment

    The following assignment is due May 22nd, completed and emailed back to me 

    first aid powerpoint (view only)

    first aid assignment


    I hope everyone is safe and healthy during these trying times, we will get through this together

    During distance learning the best time to contact me is

    between 10-11am Monday through Friday

    between 1-2pm Monday through Friday. 


    The best way to do this is by email, but if you need to speak with me do not hesitate to call.

    Starting Wednesday April 1st students should begin checking my teacher website for upcoming assignments related to physical education.  These assignments will be used to calculate a grade for the 4th quarter.  All assigments and questions about assignments will be returned to me via school email.  Meaning all students must use their marion county public school email accounts.  Failure to complete these assignments will affect your 4th quarter grades.  We understand you may have challenges during this difficult time completing assignments.  If you have a challenge that is keeping you from completing these assignments please reach out to me or call our front office so your call can be directed to the right person.  If you cannot remember your email account information, please contact the school.  Good luck everyone and stay safe

    Expectations for distance learning

    All students are expected to participate in distance learning, the expectation is you complete all assignments

    All students are expected to use school email in a proffesional manner, meaning if it's not supposed to be said at school, it's not supposed to be said on email

    All students are expected to check this site daily by 3pm to keep up to date with assignments 


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