Mrs. Dority Earth and Space Science 6th Grade

  • My office hours are 9:20 to 3:40.


    Hello students and parents.  I hope all are doing well.  Weekly assignments will be posted in the assignment section.  Two to three assignments are required each week.  Students have five to seven days to complete each assignment.  Feel free to submit assignments via e-mail. My email is  I am available whenever you need me.  Feel free to email me anytime.  You can activate your E-textbook through Skyward on your desktop portal.


    How to turn in work on Google classroom


    Acess codes

    Period 1   lzgg2kw

    Period 2   qxa4hwj

    Period 3   4q215fl

    Period 4   khrvz6z

    Period 5   6hbwmha

    Period 6   3ctnmby


    How to access the textbook

    Students log into the MCPS desktop with their username and password.

    Students click the "Couse schedule" square.

    Once the "course schedule" opens students should click e-Textbook next to the course name.


    Online classroom