Patricia Stanley, Co Teachers: Crystal Pilcher, Greyson Smith

  • Welcome back everyone to our NEW NORMAL!


    This is the link to explain how to use Google Classroom. It is a video, In fact there are several videos to look at to see which one is best for you. Look up on YOUTUBE: How to use Google Classroom for all help



    Well family, it looks like we are going to end our year in Distance Learning. Most of you are working hard to adjust to being at home all the time and working on the computer most of the time. Thank goodness we are still able to join one another on Zoom to create some sort of a classroom atmosphere. Please do not worry that you aren't able to learn everything you need to before this year ends. We are in review for the most part and teachers will revisit everything at the beginning of next year I am most certain. If you have me I promise I will. Thank you for contacting me as soon as you have a problem with an assignment, this will keep you from being behind and overwhelmed. We our on our down hill to the end, let's make it an awesome So now follow the yellow brick road to Google Classroom and let's do this!ending!

    I will do my best to post everything you need to complete the assignments here in Google Classroom ( 352-897-0140) so you won't have to go anywhere else to find things. 

  • Parents


    Google Classroom's phone number to reach me during 9 am to 10am and in the afternoons 2:45pm to 3:45pm


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