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  • Geometry and Liberal Arts Math I



    Welcome to Ms. Mitchell's Class. Below you will find a link to the class textbooks that we will use in class. If you are ever absent or feel like you need extra practice you can access these books from home. You can also watch video tutorial on each of the topics we are discussing in class. After clicking on the link below, please selet Florida, and type in Vanguard High School. You will enter the site as a student. There is a drop down blue box in the upper left corner, please select your course from there. 


    Geometry and Honors Geometry will be using the e-textbook Savvas Realize on your student Desktop. The lessons and meetings (for online students) can be found on Teams which can be found on the student Desktop under Office365.

    The list of state standards followed can be found here.


    To ensure effective communication between myself and my students and their families this website is the second best place to go to check for information about current assignments due in class. You will see homework assignments listed here, as well as, tests and quizzes will be on the calendar. The best form of communication is through email, elisabeth.mitchell@marion.k12.fl.us. 

    This also helps with any absences. If a student is absent they will have access to the work they missed before they return to school and can be found on the Teams website. It's wonderful for students that end up needing work for anticipated absences. If a student is absent and does not have the ability to check the website for missing assignements, they may get them from me when they return, as well as, copying the missed notes from the class folder. 

    I am really looking forward to this school year, and I hope you are too.


    Here is a video to help navigate the student Desktop. 

    Click Here

    Documents for ONLINE instruction. 

    Online textbook

    Online Etiquette

  • Important: Purchase TI-30X calculator, (available at Walmart and Target for under 10 dollars) 
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