Welcome to English III and AICE General Paper.

  • Students in English III may view this web page to receive assignments when absent, weekly homework, and upcoming test dates. 

    My assignments will also be on microsoft teams. 

    If you are taking English III online, please go back to the homepage and click on "Course Information." (left) There will be a link to click for step by step instructions on how to get to Microsoft Teams to take your class.


    Under "Course Information" there will also be a link to click t view or download my syllabus and materials needed.


    School Contact: 352-671 - 6010 (Leave a message on my voicemail. Leave your name, period, and a return phone number.) 

    After hours: (6 PM until 9 PM) 352-373 - 4066 Please leave message with your name, period, and a return phone number.) 



    My e-mail: Dc.Burkett-Blackburn@marion.k12.fl.us


    PLEASE NOTE: It is a capital D, and a lower case c, followed by a dot. It is a capital B in Burkett. The rest of Burkett is lower case. It is a capital B for Blackburn. The rest of Blackburn is lower case. Remember the hyphen in Burkett-Blackburn. 

Attendance for my Students

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