Welcome to Mrs. Weaver's 6th Grade Language Arts

  • Piggies 4 Welcome back to school!

    Whether you are here at The Fort, or at home on  your computer, you are an important part of our Ft. McCoy School family.   


    • Many of our students and faculty have asthma or other sensitivities to scented products.

    •   Please do not wear perfume, cologne, or strongly scented lotions, deodorants, or body sprays.

    •   Please choose an unscented hand sanitizer as well.  Many hand sanitizers with strong scents are overwhelming for some of us. 

    •  Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.  I appreciate your help!


    Weaver Syllabus 20-21



    All students, whether at school or on-line, will need  supplies with them and ready to use every single day.  There will probably be adjustments to this list as time goes on. 



    At Ft. McCoy School:

      • Sharpened Pencils

      • Personal Pencil Sharpener (There is NO class pencil sharpener)  

      • Ear Buds or Headphones  - You must have these with you at all times.

      • Language Arts Journal

      • Wide Rule Notebook Paper

      • One Yellow Highlighter

    On-Line Students:

    • You will need a dedicated space in which to work and store your school work and supplies.

    • You will need a computer with the ability to type up or fill in documents and send them to the teacher.

    • You will need ear buds or earphones to eliminate distractions from your surroundings.

    • You will need a wide-ruled spiral notebook for taking notes.

    • You will need a composition book to keep up your class journal.

    • You will need sharpened pencils

    • You will need your own pencil sharpener.

    • You will need a college level dictionary.  It will be difficult to try to go between our live class and any on-line dictionary programs, so please try to have a hard-copy dictionary at your work area.