Welcome to Ms. Shaw's 1st Grade Class

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    Hello I would like to welcome you and your child to “OUR” First Grade classroom. I am looking forward to an exciting year filled with positive growth and development. 

    In order for your child to have a successful year we must work as a team. Please take the time to establish a routine for your child after school to accommodate his/her homework needs. The key to learning new concepts is that they are reviewed daily and reinforced.


    Your student will have 20 min. of reading homework each night. On Monday and Wednesday they will have some form of Language Arts activity and Tuesday and Thursday will be Math related.

           Teacher Cumminication

     I will send home any important information and communicate with you when necessary through your child’s T.U.R.T.L.E Binder. Please be sure to check this daily and initial that you have look at it nightly.

            Grading System:

     100 – 90: E (Exceeding Grade level expectations)

     89 – 80: S (Meeting Grade level expectations)

     79 – 70: N (Needs to work on this are)

     69 – Below: U (Working below grade level expectations)

    On Friday’s your child will bring home papers from the week. Please check them over and go over poor grades with your child. If at any time you have any questions please contact me. The easiest and fastest way to get me is by email. My email is located on the front cover of this pamphlet. 


    We use a floating behavior system in my classroom. Your child may move up or down the behavior scale during the day if their behavior improves or gets worse.

    Students start off on Green and can move up thru Blue, Pink and then Purple as they continue to follow the rules throughout the day. Or they can move down thru Yellow, Orange & then Red if they are not following the rules. This will be documented daily in their T.U.R.T.L.E Binder.

    Continuous poor behavior will result in notes, phone calls to parents, parent conferences, or referrals (office visit).



  • Students will need to wear tennis shoes daily as they will be going to Recess everyday.

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