Welcome to READ 180!

  • Welcome to an exciting year of learning!


    responding to a writing prompt READ 180 is  an intensive reading course in which students engage in whole group instruction, small group instruction and individual computer programming.  We are immersed in text!  We will share time with both fiction and non-fiction reading opportunities in class and encourage students to read any materials that students find entertaining so that they WANT to read.  This may include magazines, novels, newspapers or even comic books.  small group Ultimately, we want students to READ!

    Our goal for the year is to help students develop into productive READING members of society.  We will engage in studies in citizenship, responsibility, and personal development during our reading experiences.  


         computer programming Reading is an opportunity for growth, not just in our academic performance, but in who we are as a people. The activities we complete in class are designed to enlighten us as to how we think.  Class activities help to shape our views on ourselves, our peers and the world around us.  This can be a daunting task, but we believe reflection as to who we are as individuals can help us to grow both individually and as a society.  

    Should you need to contact me, please call 671-6325 or for faster service, email me at mary.rivera@marion.k12.fl.us! :)