Welcome to READ 180!




    (352)462-2136     10:00AM-NOON; 6:00-7:30PM text or calls

     Beginning a new year in 180

    You are not alone in this new adventure.  I'm here to help!

    We will be working via Google classroom (access code bvsiehh) and our Read 180 program.  

    All of my students have received an invite on their school email to My Google classroom.  Written assignments will be completed ON that program for easy access to both producing work and grading it.  

    There has been a link(icon) added to the students' portal in which they can access 180.  If your child is having difficulty, I will post directions on another route to 180 access. 


    Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms.  If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.  

Teamwork makes the dream work!