Welcome to Mrs. La Rue's Awesome Class!

  • fghgfh Welcome to Mrs. La Rue's and Mrs. Wood's class for 2019/2020 Distance Learning. Updated 4/10/2020

    You should have been able to navigate to the teacher web page, Google Classroom or my school email by now. Some of you still need to do that. Please email me at  mary.larue@marion.k12.fl.us to ask questions or receive support in navigating the portal or sites. Below are links to each of my classes. Please choose the classes you have with me and join each one by clicking on the link and then entering the code for that class. 


    Period 1 ELA  Period 1 - ELA  code is: 4x64vg5 make sure you use only lower case letters

    Period 2 Math Period 2 - Math code is: itrlpb2    

    Period 3/4 Reading  Period 3/4 Reading code is: 2dw32th

    Period 5 Science Period 5 - Science code is: sjynsrh

    Period 6 World History/Civics/US History Period 6 - World History/Civics/US History code is: mo4zn4u


    Use the links to the left of the page to keep up with what is going on in each of my classes. I have held Zoom sessions with some of you. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL DAILY

    Below are some helpful links on how to access and join Google Classroom. 

    Access Google Classroom through Desktop Portal 

    To access Google Classroom Access Link

    To join classes on Google Classroom Join a Class


    Check the tabs to the left for other information on classes, assignments and time schedules. 






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