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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies: The University of Florida. Masters of Exercise and Sport Sciences (Pedagogy Focus): The University of Florida.

Mr. Patrick Douma

    Basics about me.

       This school year begins my eighteenth year teaching at Fort McCoy School.  Thirteen years in elementary and now starting my fifth year in middle school. Along with teaching physical education classes, I coach the school's intramural track and cross-country teams. Additionally, I coach these sports at North Marion High School. My daily commute from my home in Gainesville is rewarded with a place in the Fort McCoy and Northside communities.  Each day I remind myself,  "strive to serve students and student-athletes by providing them with the your best."  That is... my best in decision making assistance with respect to personal health, academics, and sport.  Serving as teacher, coach, and mentor I often work with students for a span of multiple years. That is rewarding.  I am proud to say that the 2019 North Marion Valedictorian and 2017 Marion County Female Student-Athlete of The Year have successfully relied on me for teaching, coaching, and mentorship. 

     What inspires me...        

      While the time since March has been a challenge for all, I have witnessed that some students recognize this challenge as an opportunity for growth. This reflects the timeless principle that in order to become the best possible version of yourself, you will need an unending series of challenges. 

      In my experiences with students, those who are dedicated to creating, embracing, fighting, and thinking their way into and out of challenges routinely, ultimately succeed. Their success become sustainable and far reaching. Their leadership qualities arise from this systematic practice culminating in the wisdom that makes them suitable to lead. Give me a student willing to challenge themselves in every domain and willing to humbly accept advice and guidance and I will tell you they have a predictably bright future.  

       When any student embraces life with a mission based outlook that starts when they wake and is carried out with a realistic plan stamped by grit, good things always happen.  Articulating dreams at the start of everyday, but working very hard in dedication to "THINKING & DOING." is a learned habit. One that I can teach and have taught.  A daily pattern of reaching toward dreams with a 100% effort facilitated by teachers, mentors, parents, and peers has inevitable positive outcomes. The knowledge that such a process works consistently brings me unimpeded hope.