• Hello,

    This is information about Mrs. Domalavage and Mrs. Brady's Pre-K classroom.  We are so excited to have you start the new school year with usbus .



    We will be using a combination of the Early Learning Literacy Model (ELLM) Curriculum and the Unique Curriculum.


    The ELLM Curriculum is the same one that is used in the Voluntary Pre-K Program (VPK).  It is a literacy focused curriculum in which we will be learning about colors, shapes, numbers, letters, the sounds they make, and other literacy skills.  



    The Unique curriculum also has a literacy focus, but is more adaptive for special education instruction to include all students in the same activity, with different levels of expectation.

    Differentiated Instruction

    Level 1: Students who require maximum support. Increasing participation is the main objective.

    Level 2: Students may require picture support and other direct support in learning and the demonstration of comprehension.

    Level 3: Students can read text, produce simple writing, perform basic math processes, and can independently demonstrate comprehension of modified learning information


    We look forward to helping your child learn and grow flower  !