• Extended Absences Information

    Due to Covid-19 guidelines, a child may need to be excluded from the classroom.  If your child needs to be excluded from school for an extended period of time, I will contact you directly through email.  If you need to contact me for any other reason - 

    Call the school at: 352-671-6325

    email: Annette.domalavage@marion.k12.fl.us






    Here's a new Daily COVID-19 Screening Guide from the Florida Department of Health in Marion County and MCPS to help parents/families be better informed. This information was received on 10/29/2020

    Covid Information





     No Germs

    The following website has a great deal of information about school reopening.


    It also contains information related to COVID-19 and will help to clear up any misinformation. 


    As of 8/21/20   Changes to Current “Covid-Like” Symptoms-

    The Department of Health has updated the “Covid-Like” Symptoms list that we will utilize when determining exclusion from school.

    Current “COVID-Like” symptoms:

    ● Fever of 100.4 or greater

    ●  uncontrolled cough

    ● Shortness of Breath

    ● Difficulty Breathing

    ● New onset of headache

    ● New loss of smell or taste

    ● Sore throat

    ● Vomiting

    ● Diarrhea

    ● Abdominal Pain

    Removed from COVID-19 List:

    ● Fatigue

    ● Muscle or body aches

    ● Congestion

    ● Runny nose


    This is information I received from our clinic in regards to some concerns about Covid-19: 

    Basic Information:

    According to the current DOH COVID-like symptom decision tree, if a student comes to school with any of the current COVID-like symptoms, the student will be escorted to the clinic (isolation area), and the parent will be called immediately,  the student will need to be picked up from school (clinic isolation area).  Information will be provided to the parent upon check-out, outlining options for returning to school.  

    Covid-19 testing:

    Covid-19 tests are not done on the school campus.  If this were to ever change, it would never be done without a parent's/guardian's consent.


    Even a note provided in advance by a physician, explaining student’s allergies, is not something we can accept at this time.  The school does not have a physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner on-site who is qualified to make determinations regarding symptoms.   

     This information can change at any given time, but was current as of 8/19/2020