• Hammurabi Week of 9/16/19

    Monday, 9/16. Topic: Mesopotamia. Some students will be taking the Quiz from Lesson 1. Others will begin Lesson 2, Mesopotamian Empires. Students will tear out pages 103-109 of their Study Smart workbooks. These pages must be kept in their 3-ring binder. HW for this week. Study Smart p. 107, #1 and p. 109, #5. Due Friday.


    Tuesday, 9/17. Today is picture day and students will take pictures during their social studies classes. After pictures we will observe Founding Fathers Month with a short video focused on the founding of America in the 1700's. 


    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: Mesopotamian Empires. We will use the GRAPES acronym to study the 3 Mesopotamian Empires.


    Friday, 9/20. Topic: Mesopotamian Empires.  Students will continue working through the GRAPES acronym.