• teacher Welcome Back!

    2020-2021 School Year. One for the history books!

    Welcome to Mr. Brady's Ancient World History page. If you're an incoming 6th grader to Fort McCoy, you're in the right place. Chances are you'll have me as your social studies teacher.  

     If you have a minute, why don't you take a little tour of what we'll be studying this year. If you're really tech savvy, email me the answer to the question on the Rome slide of this presentation, and earn your first extra credit. Click here to see the tour. 

    This year will be a little different than other years. I will be teaching classes in the classroom as well as students online. We will all be learning the same material and doing most of the same activities. Students will be taking the same tests and quizzes and have the same assignments. All students will be keeping a folder for notes. 

    In Class Students

    Click here to watch a short Orientation Video

    Click here for the supply list. (Scroll down to the 6th grade setion. And please do not bring everything on the first day of school.)


    Online Students

    Click here for a short Orientation Video

    Online Students will be divided into 2 groups. Both groups will begin class on Monday, August 24th in the morning. 

    • Group 1: Last names begin with letters A thru L, log onto MS Teams and open the M/J World History team at 8:00 AM.
    • Group 2: Last names begin with letters M thru Z, log onto MS Teams and open the M/J World History team at 8:45 AM 


    • Must log into the daily meeting in order to be counted present for that period.
    • Merely getting online later in the day to work on assignments will not count for attendance.


    • Must complete the work completely and correctly in order to receive a passing grade.
    • Tests and quizzes will be based on the class activities and be open book/open note.


    • I expect students to be logged in at the correct time each day we have class.
    • I expect students to put forward their best effort and try to learn the material.
    • I expect students to be on their best behavior.
    • I expect students to have their own pencil and paper every day.
    • I expect students to be respectful of the other people in the classroom, even when they disagree with them.

    Click here for a short video on using MS Teams (WARNING! When typing in your email address, be sure to use your SCHOOL email address. first.lastname@marionstudents.net.) 

    Click here for screenshots showing you how to access your MS Teams. 

    Your supply list is much shorter. You will simply need a folder with about 25 sheets of notebook paper and pencils for now.