• warrior Week of 11/11/19

    Monday, 11/11. Topic: GRAPES of India. Students will review the meanings of the different GRAPES acronym and begin applying that to our unit on Ancient India. 


    Tuesday, 11/12/ Topic: Ancient India. Students will continue to apply the GRAPES acronym and gather information on India. HW: Crossword puzzle. Students will need their workbook pages 285-290 to complete it. Due Friday. Click here to complete the puzzle online, but it must be printed and turned in for credit. 


    Wednesday/Thursday. Topic: Hinduism. Today we'll start India, Lesson 2, Relgions. Students will learn the origins and basic beliefs of the Hindu religion and how those beliefs have impacted India today, specifially the caste system. 


    Friday, 11/15. Topic: India. Quiz. We will review what we've been over, especially Lesson1 and take a quiz.