Robotics Automation and Design


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    Our program allows students the opportunity to earn up to 15 college credits by passing the MSSC CPT Certification.

    Students may also earn a Solidworks CSWA Certification.

    These projects are student driven and are designed to build next level skills in career pathways or college readiness.

    Our lab is state of the art, with dual monitor computers as well as an R&D area for prototyping projects.

    Robotics and Automation Design Academy Overview


     Robotics and Programming

     PLC simulations

     Solidworks 3D

     NXT Mindstorm Robots

     CNC Mills

     3D Printing

     Safety Awareness

     Print reading

     Amatrol Trainers

     Odyssey Projects

     Hydraulics and Pneumatics





    Seniors are allowed to pick a "major" area of interest to study.

     Solidworks 

     Robotics

     Automation

     Engineering

     Manufacturing


    Labview Robots

     NXT Robotics

     Vex Competition

     PLC Projects

     CNC projects

     3D printer projects

     Vernier Data Logger

     Odyssey Engineering

     Amatrol Trainers

     SolidWorks 3D Designs


    Software Opportunities

    Solidworks- 3D CAD for 3D printer/CNC Mill

     Quickparts– 3D CAD

     HSMXpress- CAM for CNC Mill

     Mastercam- CAM for CNC Mill

     National Instruments Labview- Robotic Software

     Mindstorm NXT- Robotic Software/Data Logger

     EasyC- Robotic Software

     Robolab- Robotic Software

     Control Lab- Robotic Software/Data Logger

     Pro Logic- Programmable Logic Control

     Amatrol Interactive- Module Curriculum

     Statistical Process Control- Data Management

     RTerm- Robot Arm

     Teach Pendant– Point to Point Programming

     Odyssey- Prototyping Software

     Microsoft Office Suite– Documentation

     Logger Lite- Data acquisition

     LabQuest- Vernier instruments for Data logging

     Lego EV3


    Field Trips (proposed)

    Lockheed Martin

     Scorpion Performance

     Townley Manufacturing

     Class 1 Manufacturing

     Kabot Manufacturing

     E-One

     Intec

     TMR Recycling

     Winco Manufacturing

     Fluid Routing Solutions

     Vex Robot Competitions

     College of Central Florida

     SkillsUSA




    Hey everyone!  I hope everyone is safe.  This is just a quick announcement on how we are going to do our Distance Learning the next few weeks.  You will need to log in to Google Classroom for directions.  I have 3 options for most of you.   The details will be the only new assignment in your class. Check for updates.

    If you have problems getting the directions you will need to email me at so we can figure it out.  I also have a google voice number that you can call  352-462-2396

    You can email me or call anytime so leave a message.  My office hours will be from 11:00 am-1:00pm officially.

    We will get through this!  So lets make an effort, not an excuse.



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