Distance Learning for Culinary

  • Hello Students and Parents,


    Welcome back to class.  This message is to inform you of my class expectaions in this new digital form of teaching.  We will get through this together so stay positive.   If you need help with anything, please email me or call me on my extension.  My office hours will be 9:00am - 10:00 am and 12:00pm-1:00 pm daily.  If this changes I will post a notice on my webpage.  If you are having issues/concerns with technology at home please let me know.


    My expecations are very simple:


    1.  All students will be required to check in daily for posted assignments using Google Classroom, for which I will provide class codes at the end of this message.  I will be reviewing all assignments for grades.  Effort is more important to me than accuracy.  We can work out  the kinks together.  Please be sure to watch the due dates for each. 


    2.  Students will continue to practice food safety daily, especially with all the sickness going around.  Wash those hands people!


    3.  Students will help in the kitchen at home as needed and allowed using the skills and knowledge they have learned to date and in the future.


    Google Class Codes by period:

    1.  t5s42ev

    2.  hie4rw7

    3  d7z5evo

    4.  rf37pas

    5.  3kztavz

    6.  jvvwhu6


    I know all of you will have a lot to do with all of your other classes.  All that I ask from each of you is 100 percent effort.  I look forward to when we all meet again.  Take care and stay safe. 


    Chef Benavides





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