1. alliteration: the repetition of a beginning sound in words that are close together
    2. allusion: reference to literature, history, or current event
    3. hyperbole: exaggeration or overstatement
    4. idiom: old saying or expression; it is considered cliché
    5. imagery: language that appeals to the senses
    6. metaphor: comparison of two unlike things not using "like," "as," or "than"
    7. mood: feelings evoked by a text
    8. onomatopoeia: words that are spelled the way they sound
    9. oxymoron: use of two contradictory words for effect
    10. personification: giving human qualities to an animal or object
    11. pun: play on words
    12. simile: comparison of two unlike things using "like," "as," or "than"
    13. symbolism: when one thing represents something larger than itself