The stakes... are too high for government to be a spectator sport.


     7th Grade Civics & 8th Grade U.S. History

    Mrs. Virginia Parra


    Globe with children



    Human beings are meaning makers who constantly search for meaning to make sense our world. Civics and U.S. History provide tools that enables this amazing nation to face and overcome challenges and obstacles, and to improve the communities in which we live. They provide understanding of how “we the people” work together to improve the lives of all Americans. Our founding fathers designed our government to protect our rights and to provide for our needs. The U.S. Constitution provides the framework for our government in such a way that prevents a tyranny of the minority, as well as a tyranny of the majority. Your job this year is to learn how and why the story of our nation and government serve as a model for other countries around the world, how our government functions, and the role of an educated citizenry in preserving our proud nation and its system of government It will be my privilege to serve as your guide. Let the adventure begin.


    I look forward to working with you and your student to experience an exceptional school year.  Please feel free to contact me with your concerns at any time during my planning period of 2:00 – 3:00 P.M. You may contact me by phone or email. (352-671-7100)

                                                                Yours truly,

                                                                Virginia Parra

  • I hope this announcement finds everyone well after a challenging Spring and Summer. The key to success this year is Teams. We will be working on Microsoft Teams. This will be challenging for all of us, which is why it is so important to work together as a team. Be patient with yourself and with me. 

    The Marion County Public Schools homepage has a great introduction video for accessing Teams. Then, the first class with me is all about learning how to manuever through Teams. If you would like a preview of Teams, click on the 2 links below.

    Connecting with Microsoft Teams as a Student:

    Microsoft Teams Full Student Guide:

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