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    Students assignments are posted in Google Classroom.  Students log into the Classroom with their student email and passwork.  In the Google Classroom, every week is posted with directions.  

    Week of April 6

    Week of April 6. Follow the directions... by Wednesday

    2. Enter the registration code: PILAVERY001
    After entering the registration code, fill in your information and choose a username and password.
    3. Click "Submit".
    After clicking the "Submit" button, the course will appear on your "My Courses" page

    Start the program this week,
    view slides 1-25 Introduction to the Visual Arts - The Industry Complete the notes and take Assessment 1 April 14.
    Week of April 13
    In ICEVonline DUE April 20
    Remember, students continue using the
    Vocabulary Handout as reference material or use the pdf posted in Vocabulary. View slides 26 to 57 of the Introduction to Visual Arts - Elements & Principles segment.
    Students should complete the Elements and Principles Student NotesAssessment ll. Also remember to complete the Vocabulary in ICEV as well. (It is the last one under the Activities.)
    Week of April 20
    in Continue using the Vocabulary Handout. Show slides 58 to 80 of the Introduction to VisualArts - Photography segment.
    Complete Student Notes 3 and Assessment 3. Due on April 28.
    Construct a Color Wheel for a Project Grade due on May 3