Mrs. Avery






    Hello 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders! My name is Joy Avery, and I am a CTE teacher at Osceola Middle School. Whether you are taking classes in our physical school or on MCPS Online, this is going to be a unique year! Things are going to be different than they have ever been.  If you'd like to learn more about my educational and personal backgrounds, please click on the "Meet the Teacher" tab.


    This school year I will be using Microsoft Teams as the primary way of getting information to and communicating with students and parents. All agendas, assignments, and class materials will be accessible through your class Team. You can access Microsoft Teams through Office 365 located in your student portal. If you are at home, you can download to your computer in Office 365.  Having Microsoft Teams, Word, PowerPoint, etc. applications on your computer allows you to utilize more features than what is available through the online version. MCPS Online students will find their Team information under the MCPS Online section of this page, and Traditional In-Class students will find their Team information under the Traditional In-Class section of this page. We will also be working in ICT and earning certifications which are a great asset for high school choice programs.  My WOMS classes will have the opportunity to earn their Adobe Premiere Pro certification.  This is the last year it will be offered in middle school and it provides an upper hand as a freshman entering a Television Production Program.


    I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your education and to provide all of my students the same opportunities to learn so that they can reach their academic potential and inspire them to follow a CTE Pathway. I am always available to talk with parents/guardians regarding any questions or concerns about your child's education, please contact me via email at or call me at school at (352)671-7100.