• Hello every one... I have missed all of you so much... I hope you are all staying healthy and safe...

    I am looking forward to a new and exciting year, even with the new requirements and expectations. 

    This year due to space limitations and social distancing requirements we will not allow book bags in class.   We will have a space for you to keep your supplies in class and you will be responsible for taking care of them.


    Parents/Guardians/students please contact me via email at tonya.russell@marion.k12.fl.us with the following information:

     * best way to communicate on a regular basis with you:

    • phone call : 352 671 6210
    • email:  tonya.russell@marion.k12.fl.us


    Thank you for your patience with this and your understanding.  WE love our students here at BHS and want them to be safe and healthy. With that said, let me see your cool, school appropriate masks.