• Welcome to the new world on distance learning. I am going to try to make this as easy as possible as we muddle through this world together. Please let me know if you are going to have any issues with the online platform, I am here for you all. My goal is for this to be as normal as possible for us and to continue to be there for each one of you. 


    My plan is to use your Google classroom to post lessons and assignments. Each week you will have 3 assignments that will be submitted for a grade. EVERYDAY, you will need to log into your Google classroom and submit your attendace form. By law we are to collect and submit daily attendance. Each day there will be a form posted and you will need to log on and submit that in order to be counted as present. That form must be completed by 12:00 pm daily. 



    Each lesson will include your blank notes (just like the ones I hand to you in class), a link to a video presenation of your notes and an assignment to complete. You will need print or copy onto notebook paper the notes that you will then watch the video to complete and fill out. After the completion of your notes, you will need to practice the problems on the given assignment. You will need to have one page with just the answers to the problems listed and then the pages with the work. Your name will need to be at the top of everypage. You may print the assignment if you would like and use that to submit the answers. In order to submit the assignment, you will take a picture of each page of work and your answers and submit all that in your google classroom. If your name is not on everypage, you will not get credit for that page of problems. This may not be how every assignment will be completed, however, this will be the process for many. After assignment due dates, I will post the correct answers for your review and answer any questions you may have through zoom or remind. There will also be assigned skills in IXL for practice, so message me if you need your login information for the program.



    I will be using the Zoom platform for "office hours/help/review assignments" situations. There may also be set assigned days to report for a live lesson, but I will let you know that well in advance. Office hour help will be on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 1:00-2:00. If you need my help at any other time between 9:00 am and 3:45 pm, just send me a message on Remind. If I am able to help through that I will, if i need to set up a conference through zoom to help we can do that as well. I will send the zoom meeting ID and password through remind and post it to your google classrooms announcements page before each meeting. If I find a better way to get the conferences scheduled with you I will let you know. 

    Please be patient and understanding as we navigate this world together. This entire situation may need to change and adjust for a little while until we find a system that will work for us. Just know that my number one goal during this time is helping each of you. 


    Remind Code: text @mrsmullini to 81010


    Google Classroom Codes:

    1st period: qlygbol

    2nd period: gc3kkzh

    3rd period: kjen75u

    4th period: 7wr6c6b

    5th period: 2uo3km6

    6th period: mfarrdl


    Miss you all,


    Mrs. Mullinix