Welcome to Digital Video Technology

  • Welcome back students,

    I'm looking forward to seeing you back in the classroom.  This year will definitely look a little different, but wasn't hasn't changed is our goal to earn our certifications, produce competition worthy projects and hopefully have some fun doing it.  In an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint, class materials, handouts, worksheets, study guides and quizzes will be electronic.  You are free to print any material that you wish to have a paper copy of, but for the most part, work will be turned in electronically. We will be using Microsoft Teams along with your other classes.  Most assignments and quizzes will be posted to Skyward. This will also make it easier to transition to online learning, if the situation arises (hope for the best, plan for the worst).

    Certification exams are still available for students to take on campus but must be scheduled in advance in order to accommodate CDC Covid-19 protocols.


    Mr. Briar's Email Address

    Office Hours: 10:30a - 11:30a & 1pm - 2 pm  Mon. - Fri.

    Phone#  407-900-7389

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  • Digital Video Technology 1 is the introductory television class at Belleview High School. We address equipment safety and safe work practices. Students will learn how to edit video with Adobe Premiere Pro, a professional editing software. They will also work on earning their certification. Students will also get experience with camera work, picture composition, shot sequencing, microphones and gathering audio, scripting, non-linear editing, graphics and meeting deadlines. The focus is on fundamentals in the hope that you will move on to Digital Video 2, 3, and 4, where deadline-driven curricula provide a fast-paced, real-word, production-based setting. 

    In Digital Video Technology 2, students will take the skills that they learned in Digital Video Production 1 and produce stories and segments for Broadcast. They will learn about working in a newsroom environment and be responsible for producing a weekly news program for the school. They will also have the opportunity to submit their work for competition.

    In Digital Video Technology 3 & 4, students concentrate on producing high caliber projects for competition and for the school. They will also get certified in Adobe Premiere Pro, a non-linear editing program used by professional editors worldwide for editing television programs as well as feature motion pictures.