Welcome SignGuidance services implement support for students:


    • Academic Planning, Monitoring and Course Registration
    • Post Secondary Planning
    • College and Technical School Admission Requirements
    • Bright Futures Eligibility
    • Financial Aid and Scholarships
    • School Success Skills
    • College Placement Test Assessment
    • Parent Conferences for Student Success
    • School to Home Communication and Education
    • Coordination of ESE, 504, and ESOL services


    • Career Assessment
    • Interest and Aptitude Inventories
    • Course planning that support career goals
    • Links to world of work through coordination with Internship Department
    • Future career trends 


    • Improving the understanding of self and others
    • Developing peer, teacher, and parent communication skills
    • Increasing effective coping strategies
    • Strengthening skills in problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution
    • Providing behavior or social intervention if requested and needed
    • Advising as to career pathways based on skill sets
    • Making referrals and linking students and families to services


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