• The following is a brief summary of MTI’s 2023 - 2024 policies and procedures.  These rules are in addition to the Marion County Code of Conduct.



    Based on the Marion County Code of Conduct, any student with the following drug infractions will receive a ten-day suspension along with a recommendation for a mandatory alternative placement: providing prescription drugs, possession of illegal drugs and/or under the influence of illegal drugs.  

    MTI has partnered with the Ocala Police Department K-9 division to ensure a safe and drug-free campus.

    There is zero tolerance of weapons on campus.  See the Marion County Code of Conduct for more specifics.

    SAFETY- MTI reserves the right to search vehicles and belongings if there is a suspicion of threat of safety to students and/or staff.




    Marion Technical Institute, in accordance with HHB 379 signed into law by Gov. Ron Desantis has developed the following cell phone/electronic devices. The policy is designed to ensure that the use of cell phone/electronic devices no longer interferes with changing behaviors, teaching, and learning during the school day. 




    •    Students must not wear clothing and accessories which are harmful, disruptive, or hazardous to health or safety. Undergarments should not be                visible at any time. 
    •    Jewelry and accessories shall be worn in a way that does not present a safety or health hazard or cause a disruption to the education process. 


    •    Must be long enough to clearly overlap the belt line or stay tucked in during the course of normal movement throughout the day. Shirts falling below         mid-thigh length will be tucked in. Shirts cannot be longer than the shorts/skirts. 
    •    No bare-midriff shirts/blouses, muscle shirts, or tank tops will be worn. 
    •    Students are not to wear T-shirts or other garments, or other items with pictures, logos, phrases, decals, patches, emblems, or words printed on               them  that are obscene, suggestive, or disruptive in the judgment of the school administration. This will include, but not be limited to: nude/semi-               nude  figures; figures in sexually suggestive postures; or logos of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or prohibited substances; including racial,         ethnic, or sexist slurs, or gang identification. A tattoo that is obscene or disruptive in the judgment of the school administration needs to be covered. 

    Pants, Shorts, Skirts 

    •    Garments will be secured at the waist. 
    •    Shorts and skirts are permitted at all grade levels and will be mid-thigh length or longer. 
    •    Rips, holes, or tears in clothing must be mid-thigh 
    •    No spandex, leggings (if wearing has to have coverage to mid-thigh from shirt). 
    •    No pajamas at all  


    •    Students (male and female) are not to wear hats of any kind within the school building unless approved by the school administration for special               occasions and specific locations. 
    •    "Hats" should be interpreted literally as "hats" or head-coverings and will include bandanas, berets, beanies, knitted caps, hoods (such as attached         to sweatshirts), caps, sweatbands, visors, and similar hat-like apparel. 


    •    Students shall wear shoes for foot protection for hygiene reasons while on school grounds and/or school transportation. 
    •    Bedroom slippers are not permitted. 
    •    For safety reasons, shoes with wheels and/or skates may not be worn on the school campus/bus. 
    •    No open toe shoes 

    1st offense: Verbal Warning and change of clothes offered
    2nd offense: Referral, change of clothes offered, and withdrawal of recreation privileges 
    3rd offense: Referral and lunch detention 
    4th offense: Referral / Possible Suspension 
    5th offense: Referral / Possible Suspension