Out of Field


Due to a shortage of certified teachers in specific areas, some teachers are approved to teach in a subject area for which they are not certified. Florida Statute 1012.42 requires the district to publish a listing of teachers who are approved to teach out-of-field 30 days before the start of each semester.

View the current MCPS Out-of-field List.


For a teacher to become in-field, Florida State Rule requires the teacher to pass the applicable subject area exam and add the subject to their certificate within one calendar year. A teacher may complete 6-semester hours of college credit in the out-of-field subject within one calendar year to continue teaching out-of-field the following year.

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The Infield Designation policy provides out-of-field teachers with the options below for demonstrating their subject knowledge. Any out-of-field teacher who believes he/she qualifies, should contact the ESD Certification office to request an evaluation.

  1. A minor appearing on the official college transcript in the subject area assignment.
  2. Official documentation of passing the subject area exam for the out-of-field assignment.
  3. Fifteen semester hours of college credit in the subject area.
  4. Within two specialization courses of being certified in the out-of-field assignment. Subject specialization requirements can be found here.
  5. Acceptance of a House Plan approved prior to 7/1/2017 from any public school district.
  6. Qualification for a Marion County Certification Evaluation (MACE). This option considers 3 college courses in the subject area and if the educator has taught the subject within the last 5 years.
  7. Acceptance of in-field designations from other Florida counties and proof of successful evaluation from their last year of employment.


If you are teaching intensive reading to Tier 3 reading students, you can complete the applicable Micro-Credential which will allow you to provide reading intervention under the supervision of a Reading Endorsed or Reading Certified teacher.

View the Micro-Credential course options here.