Exam Information

All Florida Teacher Certification Exams (FTCE) are administered via computer-based administrations. Click here to register for an exam. The Pearson Testing Center in Gainesville is the closest testing site to Marion County residents. However, if you wish to schedule a review appointment following an unsuccessful attempt, this particular site is not equipped to offer that option.

Subject Area Exam

Pass any bachelor-level subject area exam to qualify for a Florida Educator Certificate. Review the certification process here.

Teachers who qualify for a certificate based on their degree major will need to pass the subject area exam in order to be eligible to Upgrade to the Professional Certificate.

Teachers who are out of field for a subject will need to pass the subject area exam, in order to become in-field, and apply to add the subject to their certificate.

Passing exam scores are only valid for 10 years.

The testing option to add a subject is not available for master-level subjects.

Test Prep Resources

FTCE/FELE Test Guides

FLDOE Exam Information

MCPS Free Test Prep Guides

EXAM FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Contingent upon budget approval each year, Title I & II dollars are available to assist current out-of-field personnel who are taking a subject area exam to become in field. Upon request, reimbursement is available for one test fee administration of $150 for the purpose of becoming infield for your current assignment during the instructional contract period. The exam result must produce a passing score to qualify for the reimbursement. The reimbursement will not be processed until the subject has been added to your certificate. Exam dates and receipt of the new certificate which reflects the addition must be completed in the same year which reimbursement is requested. Due to the nature of these earmarked grant funds, the deadline for submission and all supporting documentation is June 1st of each year. The Exam Reimbursement Request form is available in Employment Services and must be submitted for verification before it will be forwarded for processing of payment.