College Tuition and Fee Waiver For Classroom Teachers

Florida Statutes, section 1009.21, permits full-time instructional personnel employed by the State public school system and their spouse/dependent children, to be classified as Florida residents or “temporary residents” for college tuition purposes. The institution may request documentation of employment prior to qualifying. It is recommended that you call them prior to registration to confirm what form of documentation they require.

Also, under Florida Statues, section 1009.26, Florida College System institutions and state universities may waive up to six credit hours per term for teachers employed full-time by a school district, including public charter school teachers. Qualified students may only enroll in undergraduate courses in mathematics, science or special education. All undergraduate courses with levels one through four in a discipline with an approved prefix shall be eligible for the waiver on a space-available basis. The Course Prefix Listing Approved for the Teacher Waiver may be found at Please contact your institution of choice for specific enrollment information. Click here for a list of Florida College System institutions. Click here for a list of state universities system institutions.