Parental Rights

Parental Rights in Education

Parents or guardians have a right to address concerns regarding a school’s compliance with House Bill 1557 – “Parental Rights in Education”. To communicate your concern, please follow the below procedures.

Parent/guardian Concerns

Under the Bill, if a parent/guardian notifies a principal of concerns that the provisions of this Bill have been violated, the Principal must attempt to resolve those concerns within seven (7) calendar days after notification by the parent/guardian. If a parent/guardian invokes this procedure, principals shall contact their area superintendent, who will involve the applicable department director to provide guidance on resolution of the concerns.

If the parent/guardian is not satisfied with the principal’s determination and escalates the concerns to the appropriate area superintendent, the concern must be resolved to the parent/guardian’s satisfaction within 30 days after notification, or the appropriate area superintendent must provide a statement of the reason(s) for not resolving the concerns to Jonathan McGowan, Mental Health and Wellness director.

If the concern is not resolved by the district, the area superintendent and Yvette del Nodal, Mental Health and Wellness director, will notify the parent/guardian of the next steps allowable within this bill to resolve the concern.