• Florida statute allows for private school students enrolled in the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program (per Section 1002.395, F.S.), the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program (per Section 1002.394, F.S.), or the Hope Scholarship Program (per Section 1002.40, F.S.) to participate in statewide assessments.

    Testing is available for students in Grade 3 and above for Spring assessments listed in Florida Statute 1008.22.

    Students who intend to participate in any state assessments must contact the school assessment coordinator at the student's base school. The school assessment coordinator will supply the dates and times once the student is registered. If applicable, the parent/guardian should provide the school assessment coordinator with any needed assessment accommodations as permitted by State Board Rule 6A-1.0943, FAC.

    To determine a student's base school, please refer to the Bus Schedule section of the Marion County Public Schools website.