• The Family FOCUS team at Marion County Public Schools is excited to share all about our upcoming and current events! Stay tuned by checking out the web pages below and our social media sites for updates. 


    Family FOCUS Events

    Help your student achieve their goals and build up their resiliency by attending one of our Family FOCUS events at a school site near you!  Take some time to check out the flyers and register for our upcoming sessions.


    Family FOCUS Virtual Learning Sessions

    Our virtual learning sessions were designed for busy families.  There are several interesting topics offered over the course of the school year to help our students and families build their learning toolkits!  Click on the link to register for all the topics that interest you. 


    Full STEAM Ahead Tutoring and Enrichment Program

    Want to help your student be more prepared for school?  Check out our tutoring and enrichment program offered a local Marion County community center near you.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Find all the details and register using the link.