What is Family FOCUS?

    Families need Ongoing Communication, Useful resources, and Support.

    The MCPS Family FOCUS Team will connect, collaborate, and partner with families in learning through engaging and resourceful community events throughout the school year.


    Our Goal:

    We strive to increase student achievement, attendance, and resiliency by building relationships and cultivating strong family-school partnerships.


    Four Core Beliefs:

    Family FOCUS strives to master the “4Cs Core Beliefs” to build stronger partnerships between families, schools, and communities.

    • The capabilities of individuals, including their human capital, skills, and knowledge, are crucial in our efforts to empower schools and families. By raising awareness about the diverse array of available resources within our communities, we aim to enhance their capacity for growth and development.
    • We seek to make connections and value relationship-building and networking.
    • Confidence plays a crucial role in fostering effective partnerships. We foster collaboration of families, schools, and communities.
    • Cognition encompasses our assumptions, beliefs, and worldviews, shaping our understanding that every family is equally important.