• AP Capstone Diploma Pathway

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    West Port offers 25 different Advanced Placement (AP) courses through the College Board - the same internationally accredited non-profit that created the SAT.  Students are encouraged to to mix and match AP courses with other advanced, magnet, and CTE courses to create a unique experience that makes them stand out on college applications. Students are free to choose as many or as few AP courses as suits their personal academic goals.  

    The AP Capstone Diploma is similar to IB or AICE diplomas, however more students across the globe are currently enrolled in the AP Capstone Diploma program than in any IB or AICE program.  To earn the AP Capstone diploma, students must earn a score of 3 or higher in AP Seminar, AP Research, and 4 other AP courses.  Even without the additional 4 AP courses, students can still earn the distinction of an AP Capstone and Research Certificate.  Both awards are highly valued by colleges on resumes and transcripts and will set students apart in the college interview and acceptance process.

    Students in grades 10, 11, and 12 may elect to take the AP Seminar course.  Students must take AP Seminar before they can take AP Research.  Students who have taken AP Seminar, regardless of their exam scores, and who are entering grades 11 or 12 may then take AP Research. 


    AP Capstone Diploma

    Here are just a few of the schools our AP Capstone Diploma graduates have attended. 

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    Research shows students who take AP courses and exams are more likely to attend college and graduate on time. The students who enter four-year colleges with credit from AP accelerate their path to graduation and build confidence for college success. And even for those who don’t earn college credit, AP coursework provides early exposure to college-level work and contributes to a college-going school culture.