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    West Port is the only high school in the county to offer both an AP Capstone Diploma Pathway and a Cambridge AICE Diploma Pathway to earning FREE college credit.  At WPHS, we believe that every student should be able to choose the pathway that exemplifies their individual college and career goals. That is why the APEX Magnet Program provides such a variety of academic routes to meet the needs of all unique learners. 

    In the APEX Magnet Program, students have the option of two pathways to earn college credits simultaneously with their high school credits either through College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Courses or through Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) courses.  While students are able to enroll in both types of courses on an individual basis throughout their high school careers, there are also specific Tracks that will allow students to earn either an AP Capstone Diploma and/or a Cambridge AICE Diploma.

    Both APEX Pathways offer equitability and access; all AP and AICE classes at West Port take place on campus and are open enrollment with no GPA or testing requirements.  Students who wish to take the academic challenge of AP and/or AICE courses can do so at any time and in any combination between the two programs.  However, there are specific Tracks that will enable students to earn a second or third diploma in addition to their high school diploma.  Please click on the AP and AICE menu pages to the left for more information about each program. 

    For more information, contact:  Leah.Bender@marion.k12.fl.us 



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