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    Q: What is happening to West Port's Early College program?

    • A: Though it will look different than in the past, Early College options will still be available to West Port students either online or on CF's campus only.  It will no longer be taught by our in-house teachers on the WPHS campus, and it is no longer a "Magnet" program to which non-zoned students can apply though the School Choice system.  WPHS will continue to offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses to our students who want to earn free college credit, which includes an AP Capstone Diploma pathway.  In the 2024-2025 school year, WPHS will also expand it's Cambridge AICE course list to provide a pathway to the AICE Diploma.    


    Q: Do I have to choose only one of West Port's Magnet Programs?

    • A: No, you can have it all at West Port!  As long as a student's academic schedule allows, they may apply for more than one Magnet Program,and schedule more than one course at a time within certain programs. 


    Q: Is transportation provided for students who live outside of West Port's zoned area and are accepted into the Magnet Program?

    • A: No, transportation for out-of-zone students will not be provided by MCPS.  


    Q: Do I have to pick 3 schools or can I only pick one on the School Choice Application?

    • A: You can pick 1, 2, or 3 schools on the application at your discretion. 


    Q: I am zoned for West Port.  Do I still need to apply for the Magnet Program?

    • A: Yes, students still need to apply for acceptance if they want to take Magnet Program courses.  However, there are other courses in the arts and biomedical sciences that are regular electives that do not require an application process; those courses can be scheduled by the guidance counselors. 


    Q: I was accepted into a Magnet Program at West Port.  What are my next steps?

    1. If you are accepted into a Magnet Program, you will receive a notification via email from the School Choice office.  Emails are sent out to all applicants at the same time, typically in mid-February.  The notification will be sent to the email address you provided through your School Choice application, so please be sure to check it regularly. 
    2. Once you receive the acceptance notification, you will have 10 business days to RSVP (via a link in the bottom of the email) and reserve your spot.  If you fail to do so within the specified time frame, your seat will be auto-declined. 
    3. After you have completed that important step, you will receive a welcome letter via USPS mail from West Port with information on how/when to set up a meeting with guidance to discuss your course selections for the upcoming school year. 
    4. If you are planning to participate in the MCCA program, you will also need to contact Melissa Kittles at 352-291-4000 x59871 to schedule a placement audition at that time. 


    Q: What happens if I missed the School Choice Application deadline? 

    • A: Students who miss the deadline must wait until the following year and reapply when the application opens.  Typically, the application opens in mid-November and closes January 31st.  However, if a student is enrolling at West Port from another county, state, or country, they may contact the Magnet Coordinator, Leah Bender, for a special application.


    Q: If my application is declined, can I reapply for consideration the following year? 

    • A: Yes, you can reapply during the next application cycle the following year.  


    Q: Do I have to apply to West Port's Magnet Program every year? 

    • A: No, once students are accepted into a WPHS Magnet Program and confirm that acceptance within 10 days, they do not need to reapply.  However, should a student not maintain high academic standards, positive behavior, and good attendance, they may be removed from the Magnet Program and/or placed back with their home zoned school. 


    Q: Do I need to audition for any of West Port's Magnet Programs?   

    • A: Yes, but for MCCA only.  Once accepted into WPHS and that acceptance is confirmed, students must schedule auditions for the MCCA Program for course placement with Magnet Specialist, Melissa Kittles at 352-291-4000 x59871 . No other Magnet Programs at WPHS require any sort of audition or screening after acceptance. 


    Q: Are there any fees associated with my Magnet Program at West Port? 

    • A: Yes, there are base materials fees associated with the MCCA Program, and students may also be asked to purchase additional materials, such as a camera for Photography courses.  However, Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, and Global Logistics do not charge a fee.


    Q: Who can I contact if I have more specific questions about West Port's Magnet Programs? 


    Melissa Kittles - Magnet Specialist


    (352) 291-4000 x59871


    Leah Bender - Magnet Coordinator


    (352) 291-4000 x56682