• Cambridge AICE Diploma Requirements

    The Cambridge AICE Diploma is a group certificate that requires learners to study a compulsory core subject, Cambridge AS Level Global Perspectives & Research, with Cambridge AS and A Level subjects drawn from three curriculum areas: Mathematics and Science (Group 1), Languages (Group 2), and Arts and Humanities (Group 3). There is the option to study interdisciplinary and skills-based subjects (Group 4). 

    To achieve the Cambridge AICE Diploma, learners must achieve a minimum of seven credits (including Cambridge International AS Level Global Perspectives & Research) from subject groups 1, 2, and 3 (and optionally Group 4) to be awarded the Diploma. Learners must achieve at least one credit from each of Groups 1, 2, and 3. The remaining credits can come from any of the groups. A maximum of two credits can be counted from Group 4. A Cambridge International AS Level is awarded one credit, and a Cambridge International A Level is awarded two credits.

    Cambridge AICE Chart.png 

    Currently Offered Cambridge AICE Courses (with examinations) by Diploma Subject Area:

     Group 1  Group 2  Group 3  Group 4
    Environmental Management (AS Level)*

     English Language (AS Level)

    History (AS Level)

     English General Paper
    Psychology* (AS Level)*

     English Language (A Level)

    History (A Level)  
      Spanish Language (AS Level)


    Environmental Management*


        Art & Design (AS Level)  

    *Can count in either Group 1: Mathematics & Sciences or Group 3: Arts & Humanities based on what best helps the student earn the Cambridge AICE Diploma.

    The Cambridge International AS & A Level examination series occurs twice a year, in June and November, with results issued in August and at the end of January respectively.

    Cambridge International A Level uses a wide range of assessment processes and techniques to supplement formal written examinations – orals, practicals, projects, and coursework of various types are all used in various subjects where they are the most effective and appropriate means of measuring attainment.

    Cambridge International A Level subjects are graded from A* to E. Cambridge International AS Level subjects are graded a to e. There is no A* grade awarded at Cambridge International AS Level. The Cambridge AICE Diploma is awarded on a points system, so each grade is converted to a number of points as shown in the table below. Grade A* is awarded 140 points. However, the maximum number of Cambridge AICE Diploma points is capped at 420.


     Two credits study (A Levels)  One credit study (AS Levels)
     Exam Grade  Points  Exam Grade  Points
     A*  140  -  -
     A  120  a  60
     B  100  b  50
     C  80  c  40
     D  60  d  30
     E  40  e  20


    Learners who meet the requirements of the group award will receive a Cambridge AICE Diploma at one of three levels: Pass, Merit or Distinction. The level awarded is based on the overall Cambridge AICE Diploma score.

    Cambridge AICE Diploma with Distinction: awarded to students with a score of 360 points or above. The maximum Diploma score is 420 points.

    Cambridge AICE Diploma with Merit: awarded to students with between 250 and 359 points.

    Cambridge AICE Diploma at Pass level: awarded to students with between 140 and 249 points.

    Learners who do not meet the requirements of the group award will receive certificates for their individual subjects.