School Based Supplemental Resources

  • Lanaguage Arts Worksheets- 1st Grade

    Cat Fun

    Test: Star of the Sea

    Test: Captain Locke's Trip

    The History of Basketball

    The Black Widow Spider

    Sam;s Sandcastle

    Abbie Goes to bed

    Jan and the Rainy Day

    Parker's Picnic Lunch

    Lila's Lemonade

    Compare and Contrast Worksheets- 1st grade

    Porpoises and Dolphins

    Bats and Birds

    Sharks and Goldfish

    Frogs and Fish

    Penguins and Parrots

    Science Partners

    Two Doors


    Passage and Questions-The Inauguration of Barak grade

    Poem and questions- Young Night Though from grade

    Passage and Questons- Fred Goes to the Dentist From grade

    Passage and Questons- Sandy's Soccer From grade

    Passage and questions- The Parade from grade

    Passage and questions- Sacagawea and Lewis and Clark from grade

    Passage and questions- Mary Loves Writing Stories from grade

    Poem and questions  I think that I shall never see from grade

    Passage and questions- Timothy from grade



    Freedom Fighters(article) 4th grade

    January in the Wind(article) 4th grade


    Magazine- Science Spin, Ed. 3-6- Busting Science Myths-4th grade

    Magazine- Scholastic News, Ed. 4 Mystery Solved-4th grade

    Magazine Scholastic News, Welcome to Mars- 4th grade

    Poem- A Bird Came Down the Walk- poem & Comprehension Activity packet- 4th Grade

    Poem: The Mouse- Poem  & comprehension activity packet- 4th grade

    Scholastic News Magazine and activities: Do They Belong in a Zoo?-4th grade

                                                                            Love your Locks-4th grade

    Comprehension Skills: 40 Short Passages, by Linda Ward Beech

    Scholastic: ISBN#9780505460002- Fourth Grade

    Giraffes, Mammals, grade first grade

    Roll and Read Irregular Verbs worksheet-first grade

    Mel Fischer Pop Up Museum Resources-4th and 5th grade, Media Center

    Finding Florida's Hidden History- Pop Up Museum Education Activities Booklet

    Articles and Activities, slides and videos

    Polar Express video- Second Grade

    Petunia's Christmas book by Roger Duvasian- Media Center Read Aloud

    Scholastic News, 4th Edition, Dec18th,2023-4th grade. Articles include Secrets of the Pyramids, A Look Back at 2023, Top Toys, Is it Okay to Regift? and Toy Time

    Data and Graphic for Firsties- math Resources by and Miss Giraffe-1st grade

    The History of Pie- 4th grade

    Thanksgiving Informational Text- 2nd grade

    Thanksgiving Rhyme - 2nd grade

    The First Thanks Giving passage- 2nd grade

    Compare and Contrast Reading Passages by Brooklyn Crew- First Grade 

    Apples and Pumpkins

    Beach and Mountains

    Alligators and Crocodiles 

    Penguins and Parrots

    Sharks and Goldfish

    Bats and Birds

    Frogs and Fish


    Music Videos

    Music Videos -Music


    Resource Support Points by Julie Bochese  1st Grade


    No Peas, Please

    Internet Safety video- Brainpop Jr- Free- Media Center

    Digital Etiquette video- Brainpop Free- Media Center

    Resources supporting Moral of Story by Dave Cotter/Mr. Cotter's World-1st grade


    Jan and the Book

    Sam's Birthday

    Jan and Tom

    The Toys and Kim

    Tim and the Old Lady


    Nick and the Pool

    Sam and the Circus

    What's the Moral  of the Story?

    Poems  -Kindergarten

    Falling Leaves

    In Autumn

    Five Little Pumpkins

    Aims Readers

    Aims science resources

    Life Cycle Flowering Plant passage and questions- 2nd grade


    **** If you would like to view copies of these resources, please contact your child's teacher.