Initial Certification Process

  • Certificate Eligibility Options

    Option 1: Have a bachelor’s or higher degree in a qualified major. Review a list of qualified majors.

    Option 2: Have a bachelor’s degree in any subject and pass a subject area exam. Register for a bachelor level subject area exam here.

    Option 3: Complete an education program at an approved, accredited university.

    Option 4: Have a valid, out of state certificate in a comparable subject to a subject area issued by the FLDOE.

    Option 5: Meet the criteria for a Military Veteran’s Certificate as outlined on the FLDOE’s webpage

    Option 6: Meet the criteria for a Temporary Internship Certificate as outlined here.

    *Note: Review all Certification Pathways on the Florida Dept of Education’s website.


    Process for Educator Certification

    1. Meet one of the eligibility options listed above.
    2. Complete an online application with the FLDOE.
      1. Certification Application Troubleshooting
      2. How-to Videos from the FLDOE
    3. Pay the application fee which is $75/subject, unless you have a fee waiver.
    4. Mail your official college transcripts to the FLDOE.
      1. If applying for the Internship Certificate, click here to find instructions for submitting your transcript to the FLDOE.
      2. Applicants with a transcript from another country need an official credential evaluation.


         Bureau of Educator Certification
         Florida Department of Education
         Room 201, Turlington Building
         325 West Gaines Street
         Tallahassee, FL 32399-0400


    Pursuant to Florida Statutes 1012.57, Certification of adjunct educators, and 1012.56 (2)(a)-(f) and (10), Educator certification requirements, the Marion County School District has a process for issuing adjunct teacher certificates. Click on Adjunct Teacher Certification for additional information.