• Student Wellness Check-In Surveys

    • Below are the links for the Elementary and Secondary student check-in surveys.  Students can use these surveys to request support from MCPS mental health personnel.

      Elementary Student Check-In

      Secondary Student Check-In


      Mobile Response Team

      A mobile crisis team is designed to be accessible to anyone in the community at any time. Families and friends of an individual experiencing a mental health crisis can call a crisis team to assist and support their loved one. Crisis teams are available to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay, and will be ready to respond to any mental health emergency 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

      Please call 352-402-2890


      Family Support

      • CHS Logo

        Counseling services through CHS can provide the help you've been longing for - for yourself, your child and your family.

        Call 1-888-SEE-ME03 (1-888-733-6303) to find support.

        Click HERE to visit their site

        Marion County Public Schools does not endorse any one agency; this information is only provided to inform parents/guardians and students of counseling service availability. Marion County Public Schools is not responsible for payment of these services.