• Classroom Management Plan

    Mrs. Broaderick -  Elementary Art 2023-2024 School Year

    Our Art room is often an extension of the students' own classroom and just like their classroom, a positive learning environment leads to greater learning opportunities for all. 

    Our School Rules and Expectations:

    "The Panther Way"

    • BE SAFE
    • BE KIND

    Art Room Expectations:

    "Be Safe"

    • Walking feet
    • Using art tools correctly

    "Be Kind"

    • Being nice to the teacher
    • Being nice to each other

    "Be Responsible"

    • Taking care of yourself
    • Being the best YOU can be


    1. Verbal warning, re-teach expectations/procedures or rules;
    2. Verbal warning with redirection and counseled as needed;
    3. Given time-out and/or art materials are taken away;
    4. Contact parent/s or guardian/s with a note or a phone call;
    5. *A student may be removed from class if the student's choices are disruptive to the learning environment.

    Good Choices are encouraged in the classroom often with specific praise. PANTHER PAWS are a schoolwide incentive for students' good choices. These "paws" can be saved and exchanged for school rewards. 

    Two types of Art Awards are given out to eligible students at the end of the school year; "Art Smart" for excellent behavior and "Young Artist Awards" for artistic potential. Please see "Grading Policy" for an explanation of expectations.