• Parents often ask me, "How can I help?, What do you need?"

    Below is a list of items that we use often in the art room and we can go through them very quickly. Any donation is truly appreciated!

    cotton swabs - any brand is fine - we use these for gluing and paint, so we go through a lot!

    baby wipes - any brand is fine - we use these a lot for clean-up during projects that include glue or paint.

    paper plates - all sizes - and the cheaper the better - don't need any prints or wax coating on them.

    lunch bags - nothing fancy - just plain brown paper lunch bags - we often make puppets and mini-books with them.

    These items are what we go through often. 

    We currently do not need any yarn or fabric.

    And, we hardly ever will ask for egg cartons or toilet paper rolls.

    However, we will almost always accept paper! Any paper! Just contact the school and have them check with the Art department first. 

    Thank you so much!!

    Mrs. Broaderick