• :o)   By the end of February, the 4th and 5th grade students have finished their "Dragon Masks". There are a few finishing touches, such as adding the handles, but these colorful dragons will be coming home soon.

    In the meantime, our 4th and 5th grade students are just about to finish up a project they have been working on for several lessons....

    While students reviewed the "Primary Colors" (red, yellow and blue), they were reminded that when two of these primary colors are mixed together they make a new color called a "Secondary Color" (purple, orange or green).  Students had the opportunity to mix and paint their own secondary colors. Next, students were asked to create a "color wheel" but in their own design.  Below are just some of the many creative designs:

    :o) By Mahi in Ms. Miller's 4th grade class

    :o) By Colin in Ms. Curley's 5th grade class

    :o) By Kooper in Ms. Miller's 4th grade

    :o) By Lauren in Ms. Miller's 4th grade

    :o) By Kendall in Ms. Hanks' 5th class

    :o) By Olivia in Ms. Danley's 5th grade class