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    During the first few weeks of school, the fifth grade students helped create a collaborative art wall hanging for their classrooms!

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    Samples from 2021-2021 School year below:


    While students reviewed the "Primary Colors" (red, yellow and blue), they were reminded that when two of these primary colors are mixed together they make a new color called a "Secondary Color" (purple, orange or green).  Students had the opportunity to mix and paint their own secondary colors. Next, students were asked to create a "color wheel" but in their own design.  Below are just some of the many creative designs:

    :o) By Mahi in Ms. Miller's 4th grade class

    :o) By Colin in Ms. Curley's 5th grade class

    :o) By Kooper in Ms. Miller's 4th grade

    :o) By Lauren in Ms. Miller's 4th grade

    :o) By Kendall in Ms. Hanks' 5th class

    :o) By Olivia in Ms. Danley's 5th grade class