• **UPDATE** as of Wednesday, September 28th, 2022

    5th grade students who want to participate in the "Kids Tag Art" activity, the deadline to submit your artwork has been extended to Monday, October 3rd due to schools closing this Friday during the original deadline. 

    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

    Mrs. Broaderick




    During the first few weeks of school, the fifth grade students helped create a collaborative art wall hanging for their classrooms!

    :)  :)  :)

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    Samples from 2021-2021 School year below:


    While students reviewed the "Primary Colors" (red, yellow and blue), they were reminded that when two of these primary colors are mixed together they make a new color called a "Secondary Color" (purple, orange or green).  Students had the opportunity to mix and paint their own secondary colors. Next, students were asked to create a "color wheel" but in their own design.  Below are just some of the many creative designs:

    :o) By Mahi in Ms. Miller's 4th grade class

    :o) By Colin in Ms. Curley's 5th grade class

    :o) By Kooper in Ms. Miller's 4th grade

    :o) By Lauren in Ms. Miller's 4th grade

    :o) By Kendall in Ms. Hanks' 5th class

    :o) By Olivia in Ms. Danley's 5th grade class