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    Family Fun Day was a lot of fun!

    The Art Department truly appreciates you visiting and supporting the "Decorate a Bag" booth! Each ticket collected puts money back into our art class!  Thank you to our administration and our PO for your support!


    A big congratulations to the following students who have artwork is on display at the Appleton Art Museum in an annual event called "Young in Art, Celebrating the Work of Marion County Public Schools".  The following students' work will be on display from March 22 - April 24, 2022.

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    Keily Solano Morales - First Grade "Birdies on a Wire"

    Mia Xie - Second Grade - "Warm and Cool Colors"

    Aleena Tran - Third Grade - "When Snowmen Wish"

    Prisha Brahmbhatt - Fifth Grade - "Gingerbread House in Watercolor"

    Jayla Oliver - Fifth Grade - "Gingerbread House in Watercolor"

    Sadiya Pantry - Fifth Grade - "Gingerbread House in Watercolor"