Launch Into Literacy

  • The Just Read, Florida! office and the Florida Department of Education (FDOE), in partnership with other FDOE offices, school districts, state organizations and agencies, showcase the 14th annual "Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida!" during the week of Jan. 24 - 28, 2022. Many schools schedule special events and opportunities to spotlight literacy efforts during this time. 

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Literacy Week Events

  • Sample of various activities planned throughout the week

    Monday, Jan. 24 

    • Students challenged to 22 minutes of reading daily during 2022
    • Students dress up as an alien or astronaut to kick off “Launching of Literacy”
    • Admin to read pages from If You Decided to Go to The Moon
    • Magic School Bus Monday (Dress up as favorite science fiction character from a book)
    • Celebrity Reader on the Morning Show
    • Door decorating contest launch
    • Teachers Read Aloud Poem “Space Counting Rhyme” or “I Opened a Book”
    • Students create their own bookmark illustrating a space theme or a new world created by them

    Tuesday, Jan. 25

    • All teachers will read their favorite children’s book to their students about space adventure or space travel
    • Launch into Literacy through the World of Art
    • Read/watch Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11 by Brian Floca. Writing prompt: If I lived in space…
    • “Take Off Tuesday” reading one book about space. Books available in the media center, classroom libraries, and on myON
    • Theme: Read Big – Wear a shirt with encouraging words and encourage others to read your shirt
    • Giveaway Tuesday: Teachers receive a free book to read with their class
    • Where are the students going? – Students will choose from two writing prompts: What would you pack if you were an astronaut? Or What would you do if you spotted an alien at school?
    • Teachers guide students in creating a Word Cloud, Wordle, or Infinity poem sharing ways they use math literacy in solving problems

    Wednesday, Jan. 26

    • Bring a reading buddy from home
    • Book Walk Wednesday – Large books will be displayed throughout school
    • Career Day at school – students select a career of their choice and read about it using myON or books provided in the classroom or at home
    • Character dress-up day
    • Cozy Up with a Good Book – Find a SPACE and Read!
    • Flashlight Reading! How do you read in space without a light? Use flashlights of course!
    • Expedition 64 Story Time from Space, Willow the Water Bear
    • What’s Your Favorite Book Wednesday?

    Thursday, Jan. 27

    • STEAM: Study constellations…then create one…using marshmallows and toothpicks/black construction paper and chalk or white crayon
    • Leadership team will read aloud a chapter from Flat Stanley’s Stanley in Space on the Morning Show
    • Admin will read pages from If You Decided to Go To the Moon on the Morning Show. Students bring a book they are reading and share their book with a partner
    • Quick Write: How would you describe an alien who had never heard of it before?
    • Parent Literacy Night
    • Launch into Literacy with a Friend: Students will get to read with a friend from their classroom during a designated time
    • Launch into Literacy through the World of the Sea – dress as a pirate, mermaid, or sea creature
    • Students draw/write to describe the setting or place they “visited” while reading or listening to a story

    Friday, Jan. 28

    • Land into the Reading Space Center to return your completed passport and receive a “Rocketing Reading Reward”
    • School Resource Officer (SRO) will read a space-related book for classroom teachers to play during the school day
    • Astronaut graduation and celebration day – Principal and literacy coach will announce winners of the writing prompt. What would you pack if you were an astronaut? What would you do if you spotted an alien at school?
    • Vocabulary Word Dress-Up Day – teachers and students will dress up as a vocabulary word or idiom
    • Dress in the theme of a job you would like to have. On the Morning Show, admin team will discuss different settings represented by the various careers explored throughout the week
    • Biographical dress-up day – Choose a setting (time or place) and dress up as an influential or famous person from history. Refer to autobiographies or biographies for inspiration.