Belleview High School Health Science Program

    Starting 9th grade year, all students in the Health Science Program are encouraged to join HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), the national student organization for students in pursuit of a health career.  Our BHS HOSA chapter participates in many activities throughout the year, including:  Homecoming week at BHS, Regional and State competition, fundraisers, public education, and various community service projects.


    Benefits of HOSA membership include :  building leadership skills, the opportunity to build relationships  in the healthcare community, scholarship opportunities, the opportunity to travel, earn community service hours and many more!


    Contact Information:

    Sara Glisson (Sara.Glisson@marion.k12.fl.us)

    Twitter:  @BHS_MrsGlisson


    Stephanie Taddeo (Stephanie.Taddeo@marion.k12.fl.us)

    Twitter: @BHSTaddeo


    Program Goals:

    The Health Science program at  Belleview High School aims to prepare students for a future in healthcare.  Whether students are planning on attaining post-secondary education or entering directly into the workforce,  our program provides a foundation of  knowledge and skills necessary for a career in healthcare.   Students will shadow at Advent Health Ocala and other health care facilities during the Allied Health Assisting 3 course, as well as have the opportunity to become certified in CMAA, CNA, and BLS.


    Typical Program Progression:

    9th grade:  Medical Skills & Services (Glisson)

    10th grade:  Health Science 1 (Taddeo)

    11th grade:  Health Science 2 (Taddeo)

    12th grade:  Allied Health Assisting 3 (Taddeo)

    *11th or 12th grade year, students are encouraged to take Anatomy & Physiology Honors (after passing Biology) as their science course


    Typical Program Progression—AICE Students:

    9th grade:  Medical Skills & Services (Glisson)

    10th grade:  Anatomy & Physiology Honors (Glisson)

    11th grade:  Health Science 2 (Taddeo)

    12th grade:  Allied Health Assisting 3 (Taddeo)



    Students in Belleview High School’s Health Science program have the opportunity to sit for 2 certification exams.

    Health Science 2 (typically 11th grade year) - Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

    Allied Health Assisting 3 (12th grade year) - Certified Nursing Assistant, Basic Life Support