• I watched Connor slide a stapled packet of notebook paper across the table to the girls in his art class. One of them picked it up abruptly and flipped it over, inspecting it.

    “What’s this? Am I supposed to sign this?”

    He shyly moved to retrieve it, but Shelby reached in to intercept.

    “I’ll sign it,” she said cheerfully, “and will you sign mine?” she asked as she placed her shiny yearbook in his hand.

    After both had placed their sentiments on the pages and returned them to their owners, Shelby got up and came to my desk.  She leaned in and whispered, “Are there any more yearbooks?”

    I knew why she was asking. Shelby had always been the bright spot of the room and had always shown so much compassion and understanding for her seventh grade classmates. It broke my heart to tell her no.

    This is the year we can do better. This year will be different. This year there will be angels.

    yearbook angel will give a donation towards a yearbook for a student who cannot afford one. Yearbook Angels will be recognized in the printed copy of our book.


    Yearbook Angel Donation: For $10 your name will be listed in the yearbook as a Cherub, for $25 as a Silver Angel, and for $45 as a Golden Angel.


    Join us as we pilot the Yearbook Angels Program at Belleview Middle School. Give a gift that will last forever to a student, a yearbook.

     *Students receiving a yearbook from these donations will be chosen by the guidance department.



    Examples of recognition phrases for yearbook:

    The Smith Family

    Business Name

    In honor of __________