The Associated Press once wrote "Vanguard High ... could be called Valedictorian High."  

    Vanguard High School has made national news for the number of Valedictorians we graduate each year, averaging 28 annually since 2012. Every single one of these students have met (or exceeded) the criteria for Valedictorian standing according to the Student Progression Plan of Marion County Public Schools.

    All but one of the 178 students pictured and noted above were also IB graduates. 







    Some parents believe a commitment to the IB Program at Vanguard is a financial investment for the future. The scholarship dollar amounts offered to Vanguard's IB Diploma Candidates are more than any other school in the area, and include the Florida Bright Futures award - currently valued at about $32,000 - for all students who successfully earn the IB Diploma and meet their community service criteria. In addition, IB students are also offered academic, athletic, and honors scholarships annually, contributing to this incredible total.



    Vanguard's IB students also consistently qualify as finalists for the National Merit scholarship.

    Approximately 7,500 students achieve this status each year nationwide.



    Debra Von Bargen  


    As an IB parent and the Assistant Dean of Admission at Stanford University, Debra Von Bargen has firsthand experience working with many IB graduates. As her son began the IB Diploma Programme, she saw him do things he never thought he could do. In her role as the Assistant Dean of Admissions, she is excited to see how a student has taken on the IB and knows that IB students show very high success rates during their first year of university.

    VIDEO LINKThe Value of an IB Education: IB Parent Perspective



                        Anna Soccer    Anna Fam    Anna


    Scott and Susan Mitchell, Parents of Anna Mitchell

    Vanguard IB Class of 2020

        "We can't say enough about how much impact the IB program had on our daughter Anna during her time at Vanguard High School.

         The teachers and general philosophy of the IB program not only broadened her horizons during her formative years as a student, but thoroughly prepared her for college. Since starting classes at Florida State University, Anna has mentioned several times that she missed the IB program. She has even told us she felt that high school was far more challenging than her freshman year at college.

         During her time at Vanguard, she not only challenged herself but was also challenged by some of the finest teachers we've had the pleasure to deal with - and we both work in education. The VHS IB teachers truly care about the educational experience! They consider the WHOLE student, not just the math, literature, or science grades.

         We also appreciate that the IB students are called to embrace a service component. It helps them see that there is so much more in the world outside of their own four walls.

         We highly recommend the IB program at Vanguard for any family that wants their student to be well-rounded, challenged, inspired, loved, surrounded by other students who are serious about education, and completely prepared for higher education!"


    Scott Mitchell is the Director of Marion County's Silver River Museum

    Susan Mitchell is the Media Specialist at Osceola Middle School





    The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Vanguard High School is a magnet program, meaning Vanguard IB students come from all over the tri-county area to attend. If you have questions about the application process, please don't hesitate to contact our IB Office at 671-4908, or you may email our Vanguard IB Coordinator, Mrs. Stephanie DeVilling at stephanie.devilling@marion.k12.fl.us.


    The official link to the 2022-2023 magnet schools application will open mid-November 2021 here: https://applytomarionschools.com


    Students interested in applying to Vanguard IB who are not currently enrolled in Marion County Public Schools will need an MCPS-assigned student number to complete the online application. For more information about how to obtain this, click here: https://www.marionschools.net/enrollment or visit the School Choice Office at 1614 SE Fort King Street in Ocala.



    Admission is based on student achievement, grades, and attendance from previous school years' records. Students in Vanguard's Pre-IB program are given the opportunity in grade 10 to decide whether or not they would like to continue in the IB Diploma Program for grades 11 and 12. Students who are not currently in Vanguard's Pre-IB program are given the opportunity to apply during the magnet school application window set by Marion County Public Schools. Any/all students who choose to pursue the IB Diploma and who have poor/failing grades are counseled by his/her school counselor and the IB DP Coordinator to make sure he/she understands the academic rigor the IB DP affords.