Wolf Pack United

  • Participation in this club is by invitation only. Please see Ms. Barnes in Bldg. 5 Room 113 for more information.


    *Meeting Days TBA*


    Thank you for your interest in the Wolf Pack United Peer Mentoring Program. This club is designed to promote inclusion between the special needs population of the school and the general education population of the school. Our goal is to close the gap between these two groups of students and UNITE them on the foundations of common interests, empathy, and relationship building through intentional peer mentoring. Our mission is for both the mentor and mentee to develop lifelong relationships while understanding and appreciating the differences that are reflected through-out the West Port High School campus.

    Through Wolf Pack United, our purpose is for the mentors to provide our special needs population with not only a long-lasting friendship, but to equip these students through peer modeling with social tools that will prepare them for post-secondary outcomes (employment, community participation, and recreational activities) in addition to increasing their skill set in the areas of: academics, social skills, and relationships. As a mentor, you will be in a position to truly make a lasting impact in the life of a peer.

    Some requirements of Wolf Pack United:

    • Invitation from Ms. Barnes/ complete application
    • Share your interests with your mentees (i.e. join/go to club meetings together, participate in on campus-activities, etc.)
    • Commit to meeting with your  mentee at least once a week during ALPHA time
    • Participate in two initial Wolf  Pack United trainings with a focus on how to best serve our special needs population
    • Attend monthly club (informational) meetings
    • Participate in the monthly group club activity (during ALPHA)