• CONGRATS to our August, 2021 TOP MyON readers for RCES!!!!!
    • 1st grade--Joselyn Galvez and Reece Hudson read the  most!!!
    • 2nd grade--Daily Galvez and AJ Patterson read the most!!!
    • 3rd grade--I'Loni Wearay and Bryant Jamerson read the most!!!
    • 4th grade--Amani Hope and Leland Thompson read the most!!! (Close race)
    • 5th grade--Jayden Dean and Michael Hamilton read the most!!! (also, close race)
    **Leland read MORE MINUTES than anyone on campus!han
    dg  aj   
    The Challenge is on!!!  SOME 4th and 5th graders have read
    more than 200 words ALREADY in September!
    Go Ahead!!!
    These kids--they read ALL summer AND tested above 85% all summer. KUDOS to them!
    Great job, Wyatt, Amani, Destinee, Isabela and Lextyn!!!
    Proud of you all! 😉