Spelling Bee


    Every year, students from all walks of life have the opportunity to participate in the Spelling Bee, one of the nation's oldest and most iconic competitions. They progress from classroom to cafeteria, from auditorium to civic center, delighting friends, family, sponsors and fans, just as millions of other students have done before them.

    Spelling Bee Timeline (Specific dates will be added as they are finalized.)

    November/December - School Spelling Bees

    January - Online regional Spelling Bee qualifier (School champions take an online test to qualify for the regional Spelling Bee, which leads to the National Spelling Bee.)

    February -  Marion County Spelling Bee (Two winners from each school compete for the district championship.)

    If your student attends a Marion County Public Schools Middle School, please check with your school's front office for school Spelling Bee dates and info.

    If you are representing a home or private school, enrollment details can be found at SpellingBee.com