Cell Phone Use / Electronic Equipment

  • Cell phones and similar wireless devices may be in the possession of students on campus, but cannot be visible or on. Horizon Academy’s “Away for the Day” Policy require students to turn off their cell phone or electronic device between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 2:20 p.m. (dismissal time). If the device is seen or sounds during this time, the student will be directed to the Student Services office with the electronic device. The device will be confiscated, logged in, placed in a secure location, and parent contact will be made. Infractions are per semester and refusal to turn in the device will result in a level 2 or 3 referral and may result in out of school suspension.


    • 1st Offense: Written Warning/Confiscation and Returned at end of the school day
    • 2nd and 3rd Offense: Parent Notification via phone or email/Written Warning/Confiscation/Parent Pick Up Required
    • 4th Offense or More: Written Warning/Confiscation/Parent Pick Up Required and Student will be required to turn in device to the discipline office upon entering the school campus and pick up at dismissal daily for 30 calendar days. Additional Offenses include a discipline referral that may result in ineligibility to participate/attend extracurricular activities, detention, in or out of school suspension.


    Use of a wireless communications device includes the possibility of the imposition of disciplinary action by the school and/or criminal penalties, if the device is used in a criminal act. The unauthorized recording/videoing and/or photography of staff and/or students is prohibited. Refusal to allow search of electronic device will be considered gross insubordination and/or other serious misconduct and may result in a suspension, alternative placement, or expulsion. Horizon is not responsible for personal electronic items brought on campus. If parents/guardians need to contact their student during school hours due to an emergency please call the front office at 352-671-6290.