• Project Lit Community


    Howard Middle School is now a Project LIT Community!  

    Project LIT Book Club Meeting - March 24th at 8:45 in the Media Center


    What is Project LIT Community?

    Born out of one classroom in Nashville, TN, we are now a national, grassroots literacy movement, a team of dedicated students and educators who work together to:

    • Nurture authentic reading & writing identities by celebrating and promoting literacy every day
    • Increase access to high-quality, culturally sustaining books (in both our classroom and community) that affirm and value all students
    • Host Project LIT Book Club discussions that bring students, educators, families, and community members together
    • Empower students to launch and lead school’s Project LIT chapter and serve as LIT leaders in their community
    • Connect & collaborate with fellow Project LIT students, educators, and authors (locally, nationally, and globally) 
    • Encourage students to read books of their choice (including Project LIT titles) during daily independent reading
    • Advocate for anti-racist literacy policies and practices
    • Encourage students to create & publish stories, novels, poems, artwork, etc. of their own.
    • Create safe spaces to have courageous conversations as we strive to better ourselves and our communities
    • Amplify voices and stories of students, educators, and authors of color
    • Champion young people and books that reflect their lived realities, communities, and identities
    • Rewrite the narrative about which texts and authors are deemed worthy of academic study
    • Create as many positive literacy experiences as possible


    There are now more than 1,800 Project LIT chapters across all 50 states.  We are committed to empowering young people as we increase book access (particularly access to high-quality, culturally sustaining books) and promote a love of reading in our schools and communities.




    Project LIT Student Survey


    Project Lit Student Survey