• Application deadline is 2pm on Friday, April 23, 2021

    Students selected as a member of the Morning Show Team must:

    • Maintain an “A” or “B” in all subject areas during their 4th grade year.
    • Earn an “M” in all Special Area subjects during their 4th grade year.
    • Maintain “E” or “S” in conduct without getting discipline referrals during their 4th grade year.
    • A form signed by their 4th grade teacher regarding their performance in class.


    During the week of April 19th, students will be given an opportunity during video production in Teams to let me know that they are interested as long as they meet the criteria above.

    FYI-Morning Show Team must be dropped off in the front of the school and can have breakfast in the Cafeteria starting at 7:20AM, which is the earliest drop off time. The Morning Show Team must be in the studio by 7:30 AM daily during their time.